Art in a pixel

kobieta z perłą x2Some time ago i hit on an idea to transplant the pixels from virtual frames of computer into tangible reality. Sounds misteriously and it should sound that way, but i can’t tell you yet how i’m going to materialize my project. With the help of this blog there will be current insight into the process of production step by step. I will leave first steps uncovered yet not to disclose my purpose too much but i promise that i’ll come back to them in a suitable moment to draw the curtain a little bit back. Whole day of today i’ ve spend in what i do the best, that is to pixel-putting, you can watch the efect above (magnified 2 times).
The painting “The Girl with pearl” by the dutch artist Jan Vermeer served me as a basis and exemplar to transplant the graphic-art into the pixel world. The basis was essential to reflect the women propotions as closely as it possible, however the details wasn’t so important for me (sorry, but i’m not a masochist). 15000 pixels, 15 colours and a few hours of laborious donkey work consisitng of arranging the multicoloured squares brought me to pain of neck and was also the most important part of my project. This graphics above is just a… model. Now I have to count the pixels in each colour. I’ll try to use some counting program (i am also receptive to any propositions of solution from you), otherwise I’ll count them by myself (which will take me a lot of time). Meanwhile I have to leave you, I’m beginning to complete the next stage, which I’ll describe for you here soon.