Software rating for pixel artists

In relation of your frequent questions: ?which pixel art program should I start??, ?which program is the best??, ? which program do you use?? I decided to create an comparison of the softwares suitable for pixel artists .

I evaluated each program according by 6 ratings.
intutive ? how quickly do we are capable to understand an aplication,
availability ? platforms and price,
comfort ? how much we enjoy the work with an aplication,
features  ? how many extra features this program offers,
totality ? my personal opinion about the aplication.

PyxelEdit –


intutive ? friendly program, every function is easy to find, although  tile management options are confusing,
availability ? free, works on Windows and Mac,
comfort ? using the aplication do not causes any problems, however the lack of basic pixel art functions decreases usabillity of this software,
features  ? no aniamtion support, the only saving format is png, which disqualify it to be your main aplication,
totality ? I look upon it rather as a curiosity to join tilesets and as small episode in my pixelart creation.PyxelS

+ tilesets support
+ in development
– beta version
– many shortages



intutive ? amazing tool for the beginners, which understanding doesn’t cause problems,
availability ? free, works on Windows,
comfort ?  bearable working conditions, the deficiency of many essential functions, will lead you soon to a thought of replacing it with another software,
features  ? poor, except the little help at the beginning of pixelart basic activities, does not offer much more,
totality ?  I know some people, who has been managed to work with it for years, but eventually they replaced it. It can be used for the sentimental reasons or for prestige (function austerity sounds more pro), but there are plenty of other programmes offering at least a little bit more. I recommend it mostly for the beginners.MSPaintS

+ easy to learn
+ pro mode on
– terrible grid
– only 3 undos
– poor functions

MTPaint –


intutive – I wouldn?t define this program as a handy one, what?s more, the mastering of its content will take much time,
availability ? free, works on Windows and Linux,
comfort ? multitude of options allows to make your work significantly easier, on the other hand it is easy to confuse yourself. Animation and layers function are particularly hopeless,
features  ? thanks to this inconspicuous tool we can obtain surprising results, unfortunately many functions will turned out to be useless for you, therefore there will be necessary to use separate program (e.g. for animation function),
totality ? This aplication can be considered as friendly and serviceable one, but it hasn?t captivated me personally, not in the least, it is ugly, unintelligible and excessively stuffed with options.MTPaintS

+ satisfying for demanding users
+ extensive set of options
– pitiful layers support
– difficult animating process

Aseprite – 


intutive – software has much more obvious service than it appears right next to first running,
availability ? free, works on Windows, Mac and Linux,
comfort ? the work is proceeding ably until you will need more advanced options, which aren?t available in this aplication,
features  ? basics mainly, sometimes we find some optionwhich we will use ocasionaly,
totality ? you won?t be delighted too much, however it is self-sufficient tool.AsepriteS

+ interesting interface
+ self-sufficient
+ suitable for beginners
– unreadable animation and layers function
– a few useless functions

Grafx2 –


intutive – the horribly constructed interface can discourage new users,
availability ? free, works on Windows and Mac,
comfort ? aplication contains plenty of functions, although its layout, designation and serviceableness leaves a lot to be desired,
features  ? the software offers us a lot, but also a lot of time will takes us to master it,
totality ? good tool for advanced users familiarized with the ?specific? interface, whereas for the beginners it is like a nightmare.Grafx2S

+ users becomes more pro
+ great palette managing
– complicated in use
– awful interface
– out of date



intutive – the programme is clear with a standard tool layout, unfortunately it contains a lot of inutile options for making pixel art,
availability ? free, works on Windows, Mac and Linux,
comfort ? the work is pleasant, however the lack of advanced pixel art tools makes it slower and more difficult,
features  ? it isn?t typical pixel art software (but it is capable to be so), however it supports solid foundations for the raster graphics,
totality ? actually we shouldn?t use this tool to pixelart however for lack of other possibilites, it should be sufficient.GIMPS

+ free
+ doesn?t limit us only to pixel art
+ substitute of photoshop
– it isn?t typical pixel art software
– shortage of many pixelart options

GraphicsGale – 


intutive – In a few minutes we can familiarize ourselves with majority of available options, mastering the rest of them won?t take us much time,
availability ? full version costs 25$, it is quite reasonable price, especially because of the fact that trial version offers us pretty much things. Works on Windows,
comfort ? the work with the programme is rather comfortable, we have access to everything we need, unluckily lack of specific pixel art tools soon will start to trouble us,
features  ? Except of what is indispensable, GraphicsGale doesn?t offer much more over it. For the beginning users it should be enough for quite a long time,
totality ? This tool, with which i spended a lot of time until i wanted something more is a sort of station between ?the indispensable minimum? and ?road to perfection?. I recommend it for the beginners who have some free bucks to spend.Graphicsgales

+ paid version will be sufficient for a long time
+ comfortable animation tool
+ ideal layers managing
– trial version has got limits
– shortage of advanced functions
– it won?t be enough for professional user

 Photoshop –


intutive – a multitude of options makes that the searching out what we really need becomes pretty complicated,
availability ? cost of few hundred dollars disqualify it to be suitable tool for pixel art. Works on Windows and Mac,
comfort ? You can work with Photoshop ably, unfortunately abundance of unrelated options will be only a handicap for us,
features  ? Possessing that programme shows us many career perspectives, if we are thinking of  working as a graphic desinger seriously, photoshop must be a compulsory position for us. If it concernes only making pixel art you will be fully satisfied with other chipper and more proper programms,
totality ? i don?t recomment it for pixel artists, still it will be extremely usefull for every graphics desingers, sooner or later they will need it.PhotoshopS

+ compulsory tool for graphics desinger
+ promising and prospective
+ perfect layers managing
– expensive
– many inutile functions
– complicated

Pro Motion – 

angPro Motion

intutive – program handling can cause many problems (ecpecially at the beginning), however everything was designed tidily, so the mastering shall proceed quickly (really helpful will be well constructed help),
availability ? full version costs 78$, it?s quite expensive but worth it, you can quickly convince yourself about it by downloading the trial version. Works on Windows and Linux,
comfort ? this software was created for only one reason ? to simplify our pixel art work. We can find there everything what we need or might need to work, all necessary functions are arranged in clear menu and provided with shortcuts,
features  ? when possessing this aplication you won?t need nothing more on your HDD, it will do for you everything and even a little bit more,
totality ? For the professional pixel artist it is obligatory tool, it?s almost perfect, it will serve you for many years until you change your profession. Its price, with considering of efficiency is really reasonable.Pro MotionS

+ irreplaceable
+ designed for pixel art
+ friendly for deluxe paint users
– problems with animation and layers
– complicated for beginners
– doesn’t make diner